All of our jewelry is custom, created by our team of talented, award-winning Navajo silversmiths. Many of these artists have been with us from the beginning, creating heirloom quality works of art, hand crafted with top grade natural turquoise and other gem stones.

Sunshine Reeves

Bonecutters first started working with Sunshine Reeves in 1989. Sunshine would come to pick up his brother, silversmith David Reeves... Visit Profile

Aaron Toadlena

Aaron Toadlena was born in 1958 In Fort Defiance, Arizona. Aaron came from a large family, he has seven sisters and five brothers... Visit Profile

Albert Jake

Albert Jake was born at home in 1959 in Ramah, New Mexico. Albert attended school in Ramah until 6th grade, then moved to Springerville, Arizona, where he attended school... Visit Profile

Andy Cadman

Andy Cadman was born in Gallup, New Mexico in 1968. He began silver work in 1989... Visit Profile

Darrel Cadman

Darrell Cadman was born in 1969 in Gallup, New Mexico. Darrell started to do silverwork in 1992... Visit Profile

Daryl Becenti

Darryl Becenti was born in 1957 in Gallup. New Mexico. He was taught silver work by his brothers-in-law, David and Leroy Reeves. Darryl is also a sand painter... Visit Profile

Delbert Gordon

Delbert Gordon was born in 1955 in Fort Defiance, Arizona. Delbert is a self taught silversmith and goldsmith... Visit Profile

Gary Reeves

Visit profile

Gene Natan

Gene Natan was born in 1950. He learned silversmithing from his his mother. Gene is also an elk guide in Southern New Mexico and has four children... Visit Profile

Geneva Apachito

Geneva Apachito was born in 1969 in Soccoro, New Mexico. Geneva was raised in Alamo. She was taught silver work by her mother Genevieve Apachito... Visit Profile

Guy Hoskie

Guy Hoskie was born in 1952 in Fort Defiance, Arizona and currently lives in Window Rock, Arizona. He remained at Fort Defiance until the 7th grade... Visit Profile

Happy Piaso

Happy Piasso was born in 1972 in Soccoro, New Mexico and raised in Alamo. Happy Piasso and Rudy Willie are a husband wife team... Visit Profile

Harry Begay

Harry H. Begay is one of the few Navajo silversmiths that creates pieces in the true old style using ingot silver. Ingot silver pieces are created by... Visit Profile

La Rose Ganadonegro

La Rose Ganadonegro was born in 1956 in Crown Point, New Mexico. La Rose started silver work in 1984. La Rose works along side her husband Archie... Visit Profile

Ronnie Willie

Ronnie Willie learned silversmithing from his oldest brother, Lonnie, who is also a silversmith. In addition to jewelry, Ronnie makes Kachinas and does sandpainting... Visit Profile

Rudy Willie

Rudy Willie was born in 1965 in Albuquerque, New Mexico and raised in Canoncito. He learned silversmithing from his brother... Visit Profile

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We use the best material for our jewelry. Everything is handmade, nothing is cast. Learn more about what goes into the jewelry.

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