Artist Interview: Guy Hoskie

Darryl Becenti

Posted on March 20, 2013

Recently Navajo silversmith Guy Hoskie sat down for an interview with Bonecutters.

Bonecutters: When and where were you born?

Guy: I was born on December 1, 1952 at Fort Defiance, Arizona.

Bonecutters:Did you grow up there?

Guy: I remained in Fort Defiance until I was in 7th grade.

Bonecutters: Did you attend boarding school or did you live at home?

Guy: When I got to 7th grade I was sent to Brigham City Indian School in Utah. I stayed there until I graduated high school.

Bonecutters: Please tell us about your family.

Guy: I have six brothers and two sisters, I am the middle child.

Bonecutters: Are you married and do you have any children?

Guy: I joined the Army in 1972 and a year later I met my wife. She is David Reeves sister. We have two sons, neither of which are interested in making jewelry. One is a marine and the other works for the railroad.

Bonecutters: When did you start to silversmith?

Guy: When i got out of the Army I began to watching David Reeves as he would make jewelry. He would show me little tricks of the trade which would help me as I learned. I also began reading books about silversmithing.

Bonecutters: Have you always been a silversmith or did you have other jobs also?

Guy: I went to work for the Navajo Tribe in 1975 in Window Rock, Arizona and remained there until 2000, and I silversmithed on the side.

Bonecutters: Does anyone else in the family silversmith?

Guy: There are no other family members who silversmith. They are teachers, caretakers and miners.

Bonecutters: Do you have any other interests or passions?

Guy: My one enjoyment is basketball. I still remember David Reeves calling and asking me to come play in an Indian Tournament in Albuquerque with him.

Bonecutters: What is your favorite type of jewelry to create?

Guy: I enjoy making bracelets and squash blossoms to see how they come out.

Bonecutters: What artists do you admire the most?

Guy: I admire Harry Begay and Vernon Haskie as silversmiths, their work is very unique and cool looking.

Bonecutters: Do you make your own tools?

Guy: I have made about half of my stamps, the others I have purchased.

Bonecutters: What changes have you seen in the industry since you began to silversmith?

Guy: I would say the biggest change I have seen in the business is the price of silver going so high and how the quality of the jewelry has changed for the better. One other thing I am amazed by is how much turquoise sells for. I always see nice stones I would like to buy but they are very expensive!

Bonecutters: Have you won awards for your jewelry?

Guy: I really don’t get excited about entering my things in shows or getting ribbons. I just like making nice pieces for others to enjoy.

Bonecutters: Do you sell your pieces locally or do you have international clients?

Guy: I like selling my jewelry to Eric at Bonecutter, he is very fair, and I am able to sell all I make in one stop. I’ve never liked going around trying to peddle my wares.

Bonecutters: We certainly love to be able to share your wonderful work with the public! Any last thoughts?

Guy: Jewelry is rewarding, in that to see something that you have created, being worn by someone is quite satisfying to me.

Bonecutters: Thank you so much for sharing with us today. We are proud to have a wonderful collection of your beautiful work to share with our customers. We hope you continue to create your gorgeous pieces of jewelry in the future!

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